Web and application development

Hillsong Kids Checkin 2013-2016

Created a web application for managing children, in groups during services. Children is checked in by a parent, gets a badge, printed with the Raspberry Pi Printer server for LabelWriter, and can only be checked out by one of the child\'s parents after the service.

The application has support for user with different roles and access levels. Statistics, reports and charts of check in and family data. Feature rich tools to manage families, children and parents with logs and history.

The system is currently build on Laravel 5 with Bootstrap 3 less and Vue.js, running on nginx, php7-fpm with mysql. Using features of Laravel such as mail sending with Mailgun, local development mail trapping with, queue handling with AWS SQS/Redis and backups to AWS S3. Exception logging with Sentry and monitoring with DataDog. Application and access logging with syslog and AWS CloudWatch.

Hillsong Kids Checkin